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At RAW (Resilience and Wellbeing) we enhance workplace wellbeing and productivity by combining the value of resilience training, breath practice and mindful movement.


We recognise resilience as the ability to adapt and bounce back when things don't go as planned. Resilient people don't dwell on failure; they consciously learn from experiences - both positive and negative.  In the physical body, this ability to ‘bounce back’ is seen as a key indication of fitness – more so than strength or heart rate. In the workplace, resilience is a key contributor to overcoming obstacles and achieving more.

RAW sessions and workshops provide the skills to remain calm, connected and productive in the modern working environment. We support organisations and their people to identify and manage stress. We share practical tools to connect mind and body and enhance physical and mental wellbeing. We give people the tools to thrive rather than just survive.

We explore:

  • what resilience and wellbeing (RAW) means and why it’s important

  • the value of connecting body and mind

  • simple movements and techniques to promote this connection 

  • individuals’ RAW strengths 

  • what stress is and what it does 

  • breathing exercises for use in every-day life 

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