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We offer a range of services to suit different organisational needs from one day workshops, to masterclasses to focused yoga classes to personalised RAW 1-2-1 coaching.


These include: 

1. Introduction to RAW – one day workshop for up to 12 people. This can take place on site or at a neutral external location.

In this workshop we explore:

  • what resilience and wellbeing (RAW) means to you

  • why everyone’s talking about RAW (the big picture)

  • the value of connecting body and mind 

  • identifying your RAW strengths 

  • what stress is and what it does 

  • breathing exercises for use on the go

2. RAW master class – 2.5 hour senior level overview. Up to 16 people. Exploring the connection between mind and body and why it matters in the workplace.

3. Personalised RAW action plan – follow up 1-2-1 with a workshop delegate to explore their resilience questionnaire results and subsequently produce a bespoke action plan.

4. RAW coaching – 1-2-1 coaching to explore individual strengths and develop RAW strategies.

5. RAW yoga – bespoke group yoga classes. These can be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the people attending.  RAW yoga classes incorporate mindful movement, grounding breathing practices, a sequence of flowing postures and a short guided relaxation. Classes typically run for 60 minutes but can be amended to run for 45 minutes (i.e. within a lunch break), or up to 2 hours.


We offer an hour’s free consultation to allow us to tailor any service or workshop to the specific needs of an organisation.

Thanks for your enquiry, we will be in touch with you soon.

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